In this episode, I go on a rant about stepping into your power and getting rid of negative thoughts. We don’t have any more time to waste obsessing over our bodies! I also talk to body positive YouTube creator, Mermaid Queen Jude (or Jude Valentin) about body positivity, her journey with body acceptance, and her sweatshirt, thinness is not an accomplishment. For the dessert, we’re diving into love with a quick note about the importance of honesty in dating. 

Topics covered in the episode::

  • How little control over body size we have
  • Learning to stop judging people based on their body size
  • The important things you should focus on instead of dieting
  • Doing the things that you enjoy during your one chance at life
  • Jude’s history and relationship with food
  • Cultivating a community that wants to learn
  • The things Jude found helpful along the way
  • Recognizing if your body positivity is TOTALLY inclusive
  • Differentiation between body positivity and body liberation
  • Jude’s perspective on self-care
  • The importance of being honest with your partners
  • Being open, honest and authentic to yourself with all people

Bio: Jude Valentin is a content creator skilled in the disciplines of theatre, photography, and video production. She spends her time on the internet screeching about body positivity and developing communities through art.

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Mentioned in the Episode:  Buy her Thinness is Not An Accomplishment Sweatshirt | Why people are mad about fat girls loving themselves  

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