In this episode, I’m talking to Caroline Dooner about her book, the F*ck it Diet, where she writes and teaches chronic dieters how to heal their relationship with food and their body. We talk all about how Caroline healed her relationship with food, why she wrote the book, and how this book was exactly what she needed while on her journey with food.

Interview with Caroline Dooner about The Fuck It Diet

Topics covered:

  • Caroline’s past with dieting and diet culture
  • How the Fuck it Diet became a reality
  • The timing of Caroline’s dieting and her mom’s diagnosis of cancer
  • The parallels between control issues and dieting
  • The pros & cons of intuitive eating
  • The level of misery that it sometimes takes to realize what is important
  • How to learn what your body is saying in real time, and make adjustments
  • Learning to eat and trust that your hunger is going to be the best for your health
  • Why Caroline never wants to talk about food again
  • What does self-care look like to Caroline?
  • What role has vulnerability played in Caroline’s life?

Caroline’s first book (titled, The F*ck It Diet, obviously) will be coming out everywhere books are sold on March 26th, and available for pre-order now! You can also download a sneak peek of the book on her website

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