Episode #1 is all about my history with dieting & losing my dad.

Trust Your Body Project is a podcast and social media movement started on Instagram designed to help you heal, eat, and create space for the things that truly matter.

In this episode, you get to meet me, Whitney Catalano, RDN. I’m a Health at Every Size registered dietitian who offers online coaching to help you break free from the diet-binge cycle, make peace with your body, and take the power back from your inner bully.

In this episode, I lay down the groundwork for the podcast’s content, format, and goals.  I was feeling particularly introspective while recording, and I dive deep into some personal topics about my past, and why I feel the need to create this podcast.

I talk about:

  • What privilege is and how it applies to different people in different ways (thin privilege)
  • My history with food and disordered eating
  • The beginning of my nutrition journey
  • How my recovery and father’s death were intertwined
  • How unhealthy it can be to distract yourself from your emotions
  • My Food Freedom Jumpstart Program
  • My 2019 intentions around feeling my emotions more deeply

Be sure to let me know what you thought of this episode, and what your 2019 intentions are!


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