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Self-Employed Survival Guide

The mindset and emotional tools you need to not just survive, but thrive as an entrepreneur.

It’s no secret that working for yourself is hard.
It’s a crash course in personal development.

You’re forced to face your biggest fears & anxieties at every step… and just when you think you’ve faced it all, here comes a wildly-unhelpful-but-loud-af belief that needs your attention.

You have to learn how to hold yourself accountable, stay organized, pick an idea that you can stick with, and trust yourself to make big decisions

(Which is not exactly second-nature for those of us who are neurodivergent, highly intuitive, and/or have a history of trauma.

And you have to get really fucking good at separating your self-worth from your successes/failures so that less-than-stellar outcomes & difficulties in your business don’t send you spiraling back into hiding.

Oh… and this is all this while repeatedly & enthusiastically hurling yourself into the unknown.


And listen, all that would be fine… if only it was easier to find support that is designed for you.

There are plenty of mindset, manifestation, and business coaches to choose from, all with their own promises and approaches to success.

But it doesn’t mean they all understand your brain or how you need to be supported.

If you’re anything like my clients, tough love doesn’t cut it… and you’re basically allergic to any ideas or strategies that don’t feel right. 

You need a gentler approach… one that doesn’t remind you of the shame, pressure, and feelings of not-enoughness from your childhood.

Of course you want to make money, but you need to know that you’ll be supported in getting what you really want out of life… purpose, self-trust, self-accountability, community, creative freedom, and financial stability…

…and that you can have it without compromising your values or ethics to get there.

You need a coach who understands that you WANT to put in the work, but you need someone who doesn’t just assume you’re lazy and knows how to help you get unstuck.

That’s where I come in.

I help creatives master the mental & emotional experience of being self-employed and highly sensitive in the existential nightmare that is late-stage capitalism.

I teach people how to redesign their businesses to work WITH their brains and reconnect to the joy of working for yourself…

…because yes, business is definitely hard, but it shouldn’t feel like a drag that is eating away at your wellbeing. 

Self-Employed Survival Guide is your permission slip to do business your way & fully lean in to the chaos, uncertainty, and ✨inexplicable magic✨ of self-employment.

The Quick & Dirty: What You'll Learn:

  • Become un-fuckwithable 🔥 Learn how to handle common mindset traps & patterns so they don't derail you
  • In it for the long-haul 💞 Find out what it actually takes to make money from your creative passions so can make it your reality
  • The real reason some content strategies seem to work for others but not for you... and how to know when a strategy IS right for you.
  • Stop taking business personally 🔓 Embody your dream-goal alter ego so you can run your business like a boss AND embrace the emotional roller coaster of success/failure
  • Feeling stuck? GOOD! Let go of the judgment & discover how powerful periods of "stuck" can be.
  • MYTH-BUSTING: Can you be consistent with conditions that effect your energy & focus? (ADHD, BPD, PMDD, etc.) 🔑 Hint: this goes against everything you were taught
  • Discover the REAL reason money stress is blocking your success, and why mindset work & manifestation practices don't seem to be working
  • The single best emotional regulation practice to help you deal with the uncertainty/fear without getting stuck i n bed questioning your entire existence
  • The #1 thing every creator should be prioritizing in 2024 (even if you don't have a business yet)
  • Let's get honest about the impact of traumatic business experiences that many business owners face & WHY it's so hard to shake these wounds.
  • Plus, find out what to focus on at each stage of business so you're not guessing what to prioritize & wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

Hi, I’m Whitney!

When I started my business way back in 2017, I was not prepared.

I spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs, courses, and business conferences to learn how to build a successful business.

But when I tried to put what I learned into action… I’d get stuck. Frozen. Fully shut down, terrified of making the wrong move.

Eventually my business started doing well, but I still didn’t FEEL any better.

I woke up every day feeling anxious. I either worked too hard or avoided my work at all costs. I jumped from idea to idea, desperately searched for the thing that would change my life, and I let my emotions run the show,

No matter how much money I made, I was constantly in fight-or-flight, subconsciously sabotaging my long-term success and stability because I was so used to the chaos.

It wasn’t until I burned out and had to get myself out of debt that I finally slowed down and learned to work with my brain.

I spent the next 2 years studying myself. Slowing down. Experimenting. Learning about ADHD. And redesigning my business model to match how I work best.

It has been the best gift I could have given myself and I wouldn’t change a second of it, because now I get to help you do the same.