In this episode Whitney speaks with the one and only Lena the Plug. Lena is a YouTuber, social media influencer, sex worker, cam girl, and 2018 Porn Hub Celebrity of the Year. With over 1.4M followers on YouTube and 1.8M on Instagram, Lena wants to be the kind of celebrity she needed when she grew up – one who doesn’t promote diet culture.

In this interview, she commits herself to ditching dieting for good and talks about why it took her so long to fully dive into Intuitive Eating. We talk about the pressure she feels as an online sex worker to keep shrinking her body, and why it’s so important for her to finally quit the diet/binge cycle. She not only sends an important message to her fans about the reality of dieting, but she also uses this opportunity to give herself advice that she wish she had gotten when she was younger.

During the intro Whitney speaks about

  • How she has officially gone full time with her business!
  • Her own journey to the next level of coaching
  • How she doesn’t want to talk about food or nutrition any more
  • The things she DOES want to talk about

During the interview Whitney and Lena discuss:

  • The spectrum of body image issues
  • The evolution of online sex work
  • Building strength against the things people say online
  • Thinking in the long term with diets
  • Reassessing your motivations around food
  • Engaging with girls on social media who comment on her photos
  • Having the moment of clarity that you need help
  • How has Lena’s relationship with intimacy corelate with food?
  • The issues surrounding younger girls in the industry
  • How Lena wants to be the person she needed when she was younger

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