you have way too much to offer & too many ideas to let fear get in the way.

Start taking responsibility for what you want… and turn self-doubt & analysis paralysis into inspired action.

Marketing. Content creation. Mindset trainings. Daily coaching.
And a community of people who are in it with you.

Inspired Action is so much more than just membership community… it’s a movement.

2023 is the year of the creator economy. People are rejecting the corporate 9-to-5 life in droves… turning instead to the Internet to start businesses, make money, and find an outlet for creative expression.

But as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now… making it work is not that easy.

 Forget the sea of conflicting tips & strategies for “hitting $10K months” and “attracting dream clients”… the real battle is the one that happens in your mind.

 Entrepreneurship will challenge and test you in ways you never expected… but it’s a game we choose to play because it’s the ultimate opportunity.

You get to positively impact your community, create a life on your terms, & step into the most confident, authentic, & lit up version of yourself because it’s literally required for you to be successful.

And I deeply believe that the more people who follow the calling & embark on this journey of self-discovery, the better the world will be. We get to decide what we want the future to look like.

This community is built around a set of principles that are designed to hold you to a higher standard and guide you when shit gets tough.

In Inspired Action… 

✓  We take responsibility for what we want, because nobody else can create your results for you.

✓  We give ourselves permission to make a lot of money because it helps us do a lot of good.

✓  We fully accept our unique brains and create businesses & lives in alignment with our values & needs.

✓  We recognize that business is a mirror, and use our fears, self-doubts, & triggers to facilitate our growth.

✓  We allow ourselves to be messy, imperfect, and emotional human beings.

✓  We speak our fucking TRUTH because it’s too important not to share.

✓  We lead with integrity instead of perfectionism or a false sense of authority.

✓  We celebrate the small wins & learn to love the journey, not just the destination.

✓  We embrace innovation, creativity, & self-leadership instead of looking outside ourselves for the answer and living according to “should”.

✓  We practice being brave every day by taking action even when fear tries to get in the way.

✓  We accomplish our goals without sacrificing our well-being in the process.

 I’m here to help you refine what you already know and rediscover your resourcefulness.

Yes, I’ll be making content, mini courses, and workshops as you need them (because having accountability & responding to what you need is how I take my best inspired action)…

…but I also want you to cultivate a practice of self-leadership because in order to work for yourself, you have to learn how to be your own leader. 

You have so much more intuitive wisdom about what to do than you even realize. 

I’m here as your coach to help you connect to that inner voice and then fill in the gaps as needed.



But Inspired Action is more than just a community… it’s a movement.

The Inspired Action membership is more than a community, it’s a movement built on integrity, individuality, self-care, and taking personal responsibility for what you want.

Take radical responsibility for what you want, get out of your own way, and bring your ideas to life in your own way… without the hustle, self-sacrifice, & cookie-cutter approach.


✓  Do you ever feel like you are meant to do so much more with your life and make a bigger impact, but struggle with self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed by how far you are from what you want?

  Are you craving clarity on what to do next because you’ve been spending way too much time going back and forth and obsessing about making the “right” decision, only to either constantly have shiny object syndrome or avoid making any decision at all?

  Do you regularly try to change your habits and routines because you think it’ll help you get the success you want, but then inevitably get stuck in an all-or-nothing cycle that you can’t seem to break?

  Do you often feel like you can’t motivate yourself to do any of the things you “should” be doing to move toward your goals because you get stuck in negative thought loops, self-sabotage patterns, and fear?

  And then do you end up feeling bad about yourself because you’re on a self-healing journey and feel like you should have it figured out by now?

  Are you finally ready to start working toward your goals, or at least make some changes to feel more aligned in your life, because even though it feels scary, you know you can’t keep waiting around?

  Are you craving guidance and transformational coaching from someone who has been there, who gets it, and can help catalyze you into action?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the New Client Breakthru Call may be exactly what you’re looking for!

I know reading the questions above can feel pretty bleak… and I wish there was a more inspiring way to word all of this, but I wanted you to know that you’re not alone in this. I can speak to it because I’ve been there.

I can’t even tell you the amount of time I’ve spent caught up in the chaos of self-doubt and self-sabotage over the last 5+ years of being in business.

And frankly, I still have days where I get trapped in bed, scrolling to avoid my work and doubting if I’m cut out for all of this.

When you feel called to do more in your life than settle for “good enough”, you also sign up for the mental and emotional work required to unlearn the conditioning keeping you small and learn to work through the mental traps that, believe it or not, are just trying to keep you safe.

You can’t have one without the other, and this work is exactly why most people won’t ever go for what they really want out of life.

The fact that you’re here says more about you and your ability to achieve what you want out of life than anything else because it means you’re willing to do the scary shit.

The truth is — the patterns and fears you are facing now probably won’t ever go away, they just get smaller and easier, and you get better at moving through them so you can get back to working towards your goals.

Yes, the purpose of The Breakthru Call is to get clarity on how to move forward at THIS particular stage in your life.

But it’s ALSO to help you gain awareness and acceptance of the patterns that will inevitably keep coming up, so you can start taking the power back and developing even more tools to navigate them down the line.

Can we really cover all of this in an hour?

This hour-long coaching intensive is entirely YOURS… no sales pitches or unnecessary small talk.

We’ll dive right into my signature approach to coaching, where we will:

♥ get clear AF on your goals
move through your biggest blocks
establish the mindset that will best serve you going forward, and
identify concrete steps you’ll actually want to take next.

An hour may not seem like a lot of time, but i’ve helped facilitate major shifts for hundreds of clients over the past 5+ years of coaching with just a single call.

While my 6-month coaching programs allow us to go much deeper and completely transform you and your life, I’ve found that for those of you who are really feeling stuck and unsure of your next steps, all it takes is one call to catalyze you into a new level of clarity and momentum.

I can’t promise that you’ll get everything you want from the call, I can say with certainty that if you show up vulnerably and trusting of the process, you’ll get exactly what you need.

Hear from one client who fully took the power back in her life after just one coaching call…

“Ever since I had that phone call with her, everything just kind of clicked into place. I quit my toxic job, I started at a new place that I absolutely love, and I felt like I really stepped into myself after I met with Whitney. We had one phone call… that’s all it took.”

“We talked for maybe an hour and since then I’ve been kind of thriving, honestly.”

“If you’re on the fence, reach out to her and see what you can do with a 1:1 call… I guarantee you, you’ll open up a side of you that you didn’t even know existed. You will not regret it.”

From one of my clients when I first announced this offer…

When you sign up, you get…

A 60-minute coaching call where we will get clear on what you want, move through your biggest blocks, and identify actionable steps toward your goals

Comprehensive notes and a list of takeaways from our call (emailed to you after) so you can reflect on what we discussed and have a record of your next steps without worrying about writing during the call.

One week of Voxer audio / text support following our call to support you in integrating what we talked about and working through any patterns, fears, or questions that come up afterward.

PLUS, if you decide you want to continue into one of my long-term coaching programs after our call, the price will be credited towards your coaching package.



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