Food Freedom for Life is a 4-month group coaching program that gives you the tools to come home to yourself.

Do you feel like you aren’t “doing enough” during quarantine?

“I just need to eat better and work out more, it’s not that hard”
“I can’t believe I just wasted a whole day without getting anything done”
“I don’t want people to see my body like this, maybe I should try Noom”
“I’m so addicted to my phone, why can’t I just stop??”

You’re probably cycling back and forth between anxious to fix it, frozen in overwhelm, and deeply uncomfortable that you can’t find an answer. But every time you try to make sense of it all, your inner shame monologue steals the show.

The reason you feel this way is simple:

Everything in your body is telling you it’s time for a change, but the only tool you have for change is self-punishment. Deep down you know shame doesn’t work anymore, but you’re stuck in fear of what will happen if you let it go.

But the truth is, you can choose to get unstuck at any moment, and the only thing standing between you and freedom is acceptance, especially in the most uncomfortable moments when you don’t have any proof it’ll be okay.

The only question now is… are you willing to jump into change and trust that you’ll catch yourself, even if you feel terrified?

Self-acceptance in your messiest moments is the only key to freedom.

Do you identify with any of this?

you’re tired of feeling…

  • trapped in the diet/binge cycle
  • obsessed, “addicted”, or out of control around “junk” food
  • like you’ll never be able to just “eat like a normal person”
  • resentment towards your body for not being able to lose weight
  • like you’ll never be able to relax
  • emotionally drained by certain people in your life

you want weight loss because you want…

  • acceptance, confidence, and self-love
  • a balanced relationship with healthy foods and exercise
  • the ability to eat without guilt
  • to feel better in clothes
  • control over your health
  • to finally feel sexy & attractive 
  • to enjoy your life without worrying about what you look like

you’re struggling with…

  • always using food to cope with emotions
  • feeling like you have to hold it all together
  • thinking about food all the time
  • feeling guilty all the time
  • fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog
  • wanting to change everything at once but having no idea where to start

Regardless of how long you’ve been dabbling with food freedom or what phase you’re in (keep reading to learn more about the phases), if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it means you haven’t addressed the root cause. 

What mindset do you need for food freedom?

Food Freedom is not about fixing, and it’s not even about food in the way you probably think it is. Food Freedom is about learning to fiercely trust yourself to find your own answers and honor them instead of continuing to rely on and out-source your life to other people. As a coach, my job is to hold your hand and show you the things that you can’t see, while giving you the tools to learn how to help yourself.

Throughout this program, you’ll learn that…

Vulnerability is safer than isolation or self-denial.

Acceptance is your key to freedom.

You’re the only person who can offer yourself compassion (and you’re the only one being hurt by your judgment).

Change doesn’t happen unless you care about why you’re doing it.

And finally, you’re not in control of what this process looks like or how long it takes, and even when that seems scary, it ends up being the most beautiful part.

If that overwhelms you, don’t worry. There’s no such thing as “ready enough”, anything is possible if you believe it is, and these lessons will make a lot more sense once you take the leap.

Now that I’ve gotten the “woo-woo” self-acceptance stuff out of the way and you know what I’m all about, what are you hoping to learn from this period of uncertainty?

Resistance and rebellion are a gift.
Your body is beautifully designed to keep you in balance.
Your journey is unfolding in perfect timing.

» Giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want

» No longer letting the fear of weight gain ruin your day or control your life

» Pressing a restart button on your relationship with eating & movement so you can reconnect to the joy and freedom of taking care of your body

» Having the tools to change “bad” behaviors quickly without force, restriction, or willpower

» Finding fulfillment in your life that go well beyond your relationship to food and your body

» Setting clear boundaries with friends and family and fostering healthier relationships

» Practicing radical self-care that gives you more time/energy for the people and things you love

If all of this is possible, why hasn’t anything you’ve tried actually worked?

You can’t heal yourself with force and self-hate

In a world fraught with weight stigma, fatphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia (should I go on?) and impossibly high expectations for people to “perform” health, happiness, and productivity (yikes!)…

it’s understandable that you’ve spent your life trying to prove you’re worthy of acceptance, love, and basic respect.

But there’s a big problem with this (aside from the fact that it’s not working)…

At a certain point, you have to make a choice:

Growth: You can learn to honor your body, support your health, and radically trust yourself to create a life of joy and fulfillment that feels aligned with the most authentic expression of who you are… even if you’re not who certain people want you to be.

“Comfort”: You can keep trying to manipulate your body, stressing yourself out about “health”, listening to everyone else’s voices instead of your own, and living in denial of who you are, without any guarantee that the validation you crave will ever be enough (it won’t).

Even if the decision feels obvious right now, there’s a reason why comfort has felt like the easier (or only) choice until now.

Resisting change is comfortable because it has been your default for as long as you can remember. Resistance tries to keep us safe from your unresolved fears. But even if it feels safe, staying in your comfort zone when it’s actively harming you is always harder than growth. 

Growth is easier overall and it sounds like a dream in comparison, but there’s a catch… to get there you must first go through a deeply uncomfortable process of facing your fears, letting go of control, and learning to accept yourself when everything feels like a mess.

The good news?
The discomfort of growth doesn’t last nearly as long as the discomfort of fighting yourself 24/7, and…

You don’t have to go through this process alone.

Your comfort zone isn’t actually that comfortable, so you might as well struggle in the right direction.

I’m Whitney Catalano

I’m a registered dietitian specializing in food freedom, confidence, and self-worth coaching for driven, passionate people who are destined to stand out, take up space, and make an impact. I want you to see me as both a trusted professional and as a friend who gets it. Breaking up with dieting can feel really scary, but I can honestly say it is one of the most courageous and empowering things you can do for yourself—as I had to do for myself—and I’m here to support you every step of the way.


After unknowingly absorbing the world’s obsession with thinness during the most formative years of my life, and having some level of awareness that my body looked “different” from my friends’ bodies, I inevitably fell victim to the low self-esteem the day my hormones kicked in. One day I told my mom I wanted to lose weight, and barely 24 hours later, we signed up for Jenny Craig. I remember running around the school screaming, “I’m going to be skinny! I found the answer to all my problems!!”

Like most people on their first diet, I ended up losing a lot of weight, but nobody told me that most people regain the weight. Gaining the weight back (plus some) felt like the biggest failure of my life and initiated an almost decade-long cycle of dieting, breaking the diet, feeling ashamed, and then restricting/dieting again.

In the summer before my senior year of high school, I managed to lose the weight again by “figuring out a healthy lifestyle”, which really meant obsessively exercising and only eating smoothies and dressing-free salads. I kept strict control over my food most of the time, opting to eat at home instead of spending time with friends, so I only ever “slipped up” by rapidly eating multiple quesadillas in the middle of the night whenever I was sad or stressed. According to the Internet, this pattern was healthy, so all I had to do was survive a year of dining hall food during my freshman year of college and then I would have control back.

On the outside, I appeared to be a smart, confident, “healthy” dietitian student, but on the inside, I hated my body, I was at war with myself, I cycled between severe restriction and drunk binge eating, I was desperate for control over every aspect of my life, and I was an emotional wreck. Studying nutrition with other Type A, perfectionistic students only reinforced my obsessive diet mentality and made me feel like it was my duty to help others diet even though I couldn’t stick to a diet myself. I even started a nutrition blog in hopes that I would be more consistent with my “health” if I had to blog about it. 

I can’t even remember how many days I spent crying over my body, freaking out about food, and trying to “make up” for my “wrongdoings” with exercise. Every day was a gamble – I didn’t know if I would wake up liking myself or hating myself, and I was constantly on edge waiting for that next slip up.

When I finally became a Registered Dietitian, I knew deep down that I didn’t want to help people lose weight, probably because I spent 10 years failing at dieting. Thankfully, this led me to finding Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, which completely changed my outlook on health and body size. 

Now I know that my disordered relationship with dieting was never actually about food or my body. Deep down, all I wanted was love and acceptance, and I thought that I had to shrink and change myself to get it. That is why I am so passionate about helping people find food freedom, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and gain a whole new outlook on life. Breaking up with dieting changed my life, and it will change yours too.

You can’t keep trying the same thing and expecting yourself to change. If you want freedom from control, obsession, and rebellion, it’s time to work with your body’s natural rhythms rather than against them. 

food freedom

» to eat whatever you want without guilt?

» to learn to eat for your body’s rhythms & needs?

» to keep all of your favorite food in the house without needing to eat it all at once?

» balance and consistency with health and fitness that works for your lifestyle?

» to reconnect to the joy of moving your body and prioritizing your fitness?

» to easily tune out diet talk without second-guessing your food choices?

emotional freedom

» to feel more emotionally stable, even during confrontations or unexpected challenges?

» to have control over your thoughts instead of feeling like your thoughts control you?

» to set emotional boundaries with family and friends so you can spend time with the people you love without feeling so drained?

» to ask for what you need without fear to foster more nurturing and reciprocating relationships?

» to heal “bad” habits with ease and feel like you have control over your patterns?


» to accept all parts of you and heal your dependence on other people’s opinions?

» to stop thinking about your body all the damn time?

» to be told by friends and acquaintances that you “look like you’re glowing” or that you “seem more like yourself than ever”… seriously, this happens.

» to raise your standards for yourself, your relationships, and your emotional energy?

» to be able to walk past a mirror without the compulsive urge to body check or shame yourself?

» to finally stop resisting your own happiness?

But don’t worry, there’s good news! By showing you what’s possible without selling you unrealistic expectations, Food Freedom for Life becomes impossible to fail! You are meant to learn exactly what you need to from this program, and I trust that it’s enough.

That’s why I designed Food Freedom for Life to be customizable to fit exactly what you need right now. Together we’ll identify your patterns and challenges, find the root cause, and use it to change the way you relate to your problems so you can continue healing on your own. From there, the tools you didn’t need are yours to keep for later!

Read through the different phases of my signature food freedom process below to get a better idea of what you can expect from Food Freedom for Life…

Let’s be honest about your expectations…

…because I know how easy it is to get attached to the vision, and then immediately panic and back out before you even give yourself a chance.

The vision I outlined above is available to you if you want it. Period. I know because I see these changes in my clients every single day, even in the clients who were convinced it would never work.

But even though I’m offering you…

…the tools to get where you want.
…the emotional support you need to feel safe.
…and the mindset you need for your brain to start working WITH you, rather than against you.

(which can literally save you years of struggling through diet recovery)

The only thing I can promise right now is that you definitely won’t be “fixed” in 4 months.

Sucks, right? But it’s the truth.

And there’s a reason I’m laying all my cards out on the table like this.

First, I want you to know that I have zero intentions of selling you some unattainable fantasy life that only sets you up for failure. This program is impossible to fail because once you take the leap, you will get exactly what you need from it, in the exact timing that you need it, and maybe it doesn’t sound sexy, but I too have learned to trust that it’s enough.

Second, I don’t want you to join from a place of insecurity about what you don’t have. I want you to join because you want to, and because you are awake to the fact that you can’t keep running from your fears forever.

Plus, you and I both know that you have way more to offer the world than a thinner body. Consider me your hype woman, encouraging you to question what you believe is possible.

But even though I can’t make any promises, I know that you’re looking for some security and structure before you make a big investment in yourself.

That’s why I designed Food Freedom for Life to be customizable for your unique journey. Below you’ll find the specific topics that I will be covering to support each phase of the food freedom journey, which you will have lifetime access to use exactly when you need it.

So, to make a long story… longer

If you’re looking to be fixed, this isn’t the program for you. But if you’re looking to break free from your unconscious, survival-mode patterns and confidently lean into your body’s aligned flow, then there’s no better time than now. 

What phase of food freedom are you in?

Food Freedom for Life is based on a 3-phase food freedom process I developed while observing my clients’ journeys over the past few years. Instead of taking you through every step of all 3 phases, I created a program to go deeper into the biggest things that keep people stuck (no matter where you are in the process).

Which means that yes, Food Freedom for Life is designed to support people in multiple stages by focusing on the emotional healing, self-acceptance, and empowered mindset work necessary at every stage. To supplement the radical self-trust work, I also provide specific tools and bonus material to teach you the food freedom, body image, and healthy lifestyle work according to your body’s needs and natural rhythms.

To better understand what this program has to offer you on your unique journey, let’s first figure out where you’re currently at…

Phase 0: Contemplation

Contemplation is the information-gathering phase. It represents everything up until the moment you decide to start taking action towards food freedom and body acceptance. If you’re in contemplation, all you need is the courage to start.

Phase 1 looks like:

  • Unconditional permission to eat and hyper-awareness of all the diet rules you know
  • Feeling out of control around certain foods (or all foods) and wondering how long this is going to last
  • A daily struggle between diet mentality and food freedom voice, all while you’re having a full identity crisis
  • “If I never feel hungry, am I supposed to just not eat?”
  • “How does this hunger/fullness thing work if I can’t stop myself from eating past fullness?!”
  • Absolute panic and dread about weight gain most days, followed by overwhelming self-doubt about the choice you’ve made
  • Either total avoidance of feelings or lots and lots of crying
  • Trying to “hold it all together” and eat in secret so nobody finds out

Phase 2 looks like:

  • No longer feeling the compulsive urge to an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting
  • Still overeating, but not as often, and it’s not nearly as intense
  • Resistance to cooking, vegetables, exercise, and anything that seems remotely like a diet
  • “Ugh I should be working out and eating healthy by now”
  • Having some good days followed by days of, “why is this taking so long?! I must not be doing this right”
  • Stewing in anger when friends, family, or coworkers start talking about diets around you
  • Fear of weight gain, rejection, judgment, and “doing the wrong thing” are keeping you stuck
  • Lots and lots of crying, followed by slightly healthier numbing and avoidance

Phase 3 looks like:

  • This is what you’ve been working towards!! Patience, peace, and confidence in yourself
  • Occasional days of panic about not “figuring it all out yet”, followed by quick self-soothing
  • Experimenting with new food, new types of exercise, new clothes (that fit this time!), and finally going on that trip you avoided because of your body
  • Fiercely trusting yourself and your body, even on the worst body image days
  • Asking for what you need (without fear), setting strong emotional boundaries, and not caring if people don’t agree with your life choices
  • Actively unlearning internalized fatphobia and body shame
  • Realizing & changing all the things you settled for in life because you were insecure
  • Hobbies! Interests! Brain space! Loving the freedom in growth and change

The reasons you can get stuck at any stage (and why it’s so important to get this kind of help):

After a lifetime of suppressing your emotions, holding yourself to impossibly high standards, and trying not to be a “burden”, it’s often extremely difficult for chronic dieters to ask for help and take a risk.

The Healing on your own is so much harder (and takes a lot longer) because you likely approach food freedom from the same mindset you’ve been using to control and punish yourself. It’s not your fault, it’s just what you are familiar with 

1. It’s never actually about food.

Yes, you likely discovered food freedom to heal your binge/restrict cycles and put an end to your obsessive, all-or-nothing relationship with health, but you stayed because it’s the first time you’ve been told that your body is wise, and that you are enough exactly as you are. That original belief system is the thing that needs healing, not your willpower.

2. Food Freedom (or more importantly, self-acceptance) happens in steps

Regardless of your dieting origin story or the unique challenges you may face in this process, there are certain milestones that need to be met for you to readily move on to the next step. But even though I know this, I didn’t make the rules, I merely observed as clients intuitively knew to ask me certain questions after breaking through a previous phase.

3. Trying to control what healing looks like or how long it takes is only holding you back (you’re not in charge here, your body is!)

When you grow up running from your emotions and believing you’re not good enough, you end up unconsciously dedicating your life to doing enough, looking “good” enough, and changing yourself to be “acceptable enough” in a well-meaning attempt to earn validation, approval, and love.

That’s why dieting is so appealing! Not only were you taught that weight loss = love and respect, but you also quickly realized that dieting offers very clear (and impossible) rules for achieving “enough-ness”. But the truth is: none of those behaviors or external sources of validation will ever be enough to fix your underlying belief systems, which means all your attempts to change just become evidence of your “failures” and shame.

So when I say that diet mentality won’t give you food freedom, what I mean is that your automatic, “this-is-taking-too-long-and-feels-scary-so-I-must-be-the-problem” response is only keeping you stuck. 

Food Freedom for Life is a 4-month group program that meets you where you’re at (whether you’re in contemplation or phase 2), teaches you to heal whatever is keeping you stuck, and puts you on a path of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and rebellion against the culture that taught you to hate yourself. 

By gently healing disordered eating and yo-yo dieting in a compassionate and supportive environment, you’ll quickly realize that your obsessive relationship with food was never actually about the food. In fact, most of the things you’ve spent your life trying to “fix” can actually be your greatest superpower if you know how to use them.

Food Freedom for Life teaches you how to easily change habits that are no longer serving you by deeply understanding your body and taking the power back over your life. By the end of the program, you will feel empowered to live the life you’ve always wanted, regardless of your health status, weight, or body size.

A few past participants have said…

For the first time in 2 years of running this program, I’ve figured out a way to make Food Freedom for Life more individualized to your unique journey and less overwhelming so you can confidently go at your own pace and utilize the information you need without fear of “missing out” or “not doing enough”.

The program will be split into two distinct modules (described below), as well as two tiers of support and access to me. All content will be available to every participant, regardless of what phase of food freedom you’re in, and you will retain lifetime access to the recordings so you can utilize the information exactly when you need it.

Included for all participants:

✔  Food Freedom Fundamentals (details below)
✔  Weekly live webinars (details below)
✔  All calls will be recorded and available to you immediately
✔  Bonus content from surprise guests
✔  Private Facebook group
✔  Weekly worksheets & journaling prompts
✔  Regular hot-seat Q&A calls where you’ll have 5-10 mins per call to ask me questions and receive coaching
(Multiple Q&A call times will be available for both US & international participants)

Here’s how the information will be broken down: 

Food Freedom Fundamentals: 

✔  Pre-recorded videos (10-15 mins) with journaling prompts, action steps & worksheets

✔  Structured like a self-paced online course, with modules released to you in small batches over 4 months (in order to prevent overwhelm)

✔  Designed to support you through the chaos and uncertainty of ditching dieting and learning to trust your body, as well as teach you how to find balance and consistency with health-promoting behaviors

Topics include:

✔  Unlearning diet mentality & diet culture rules
✔  How to break free from the diet/binge cycle
✔  Healing emotional eating and “addiction”-like behaviors with food quickly
✔  Reconnecting to hunger/fullness (& learning to trust it)
✔  The importance of satisfaction when eating
✔  Exercise for joy & consistency
✔  “SOS I can’t stop overeating”
✔  Step-by-step process for healing resistance and creating consistency with health-promoting habits
✔  Learn to navigate contradicting health information from the internet and from doctors so that you can advocate for yourself and customize health advice for your body, your health history & your specific needs

Emotional Healing, Self-Acceptance, and Training your Mind for Freedom: 

✔  a.k.a. The stuff you don’t find in a lot of other food freedom programs or anti-diet books

✔  Live webinars hosted by me every week on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. PT (replays will be available immediately after the call if you are unable to attend live)

✔ Designed to help you come down from the panic of phase 1, heal the fear of weight gain & judgment in phases 1 & 2, and cultivate a mindset of self-trust and self-acceptance (necessary for settling in to phase 3)

Topics include:

✔  Letting go of your diet culture identity
✔  Creating your food freedom vision & finding your purpose for healing
✔  Learn to grieve & feel your feelings
✔  Journaling for people who can’t stick to journaling
✔  Unlearning perfectionism & all-or-nothing mentality
✔  Healing parent wounds
✔  Taking the power back from your inner bully
✔  What it means to embody your self-worth
✔  How to stop subconsciously running towards fear
✔  Living in alignment with your values
✔  Body neutrality & body respect
✔  Body positivity and fat activism 101
✔  How to be confident on bad body image days
✔  Setting strong emotional boundaries with family & friends
✔  Step-by-step process for changing “bad” habits and unhealthy numbing behaviors

Ready to customize your Food Freedom for Life experience even more?

Check out the two pricing and support options below (Basic vs. “All-In”) to see which one fits your lifestyle & needs (payment plans available for both) 

(or 4 payments of $297)

who it’s for:

If you’re on a budget, have an unpredictable schedule, or you feel pretty confident that you won’t need extra support, Basic is the choice for you. Show up to the webinars & coaching calls that work for you, participate in the group as much or as little as you’d like, and watch the content at your own pace (with the confidence of lifetime access).

Payment Options:


(or 4 payments of $444)

who it’s for:

✔ You want to be part of a close-knit community & learn empowering peer-support coaching techniques that will help you move through this process more quickly

✔ You want to work closely with me (and even be able to group text me between calls) at my most affordable rate

✔ You’re excited and able to show up fully, come to as many calls as possible, and help create the culture of the group

✔ You want to dive in and fast-track your growth as much as possible over the next 4 months?


You get everything in Basic, plus:

✔ 24/7 Voxer group chat support with me
✔ Additional 1:1 support from me
✔ Exclusive small group coaching calls (morning & night options available to accommodate schedules & time zones)
✔ Lifetime access to Club TYB after the program

I know it can feel scary (and exciting!) to invest in yourself. You might be questioning whether or not you need help or if this is a “responsible” use of your money.

These doubts tend to be rooted in fear and lack of self-trust (two things that you will learn to heal in this program). Very few people ever feel “READY” or “far enough along” to do a program like this. All you need is the right opportunity and a willingness to be brave in pursuit of your own freedom.

So what do you say? Are you ready to take a risk on yourself and say YES to being ALL IN?


To take advantage of everything Food Freedom for Life has to offer by saying YES to being “ALL-IN” before the spots run out:

This program only runs once a year, and it's the last time I'm teaching the weekly webinars live. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance!








Still unsure? Here’s what past participants have said:

I can’t tell you enough how much my life has changed since I’ve traveled my own path to food freedom. By no longer being weighed down by guilt and shame—or being distracted by an obsession with food, thinness and weight loss—you will discover what truly fulfills you so you can start living as your authentic self. It’s my passion to help you get there.


What is Food Freedom for Life, how does it work, and what is included?

Food Freedom for Life is a 4-month group coaching program that teaches you to reject diet culture (and all the food shame), practice radical self-care, give yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods, find ease in adopting healthy, sustainable habits, and heal the root cause of your fear of weight gain and body image issues. All in the comfort of a supportive community. 

What's the difference between Basic and All-In?

The basic version is a great choice if you want to do the program at your own pace or cannot commit to making it to most of the group coaching calls. The basic version receives all of the same content and access to the group coaching calls as the All In option.

The All-In option is for you if you’re 150% done with diet culture and you want to show up and be involved in the program. The All-In community tends to develop immeasurable bonds as we work through the material. All-In members have more access to me through Voxer chats, additional small group calls (including hot seat coaching!), and additional 1:1 support from me

Can I join if I don't live in the US?

Yes! Quite a few international members participated in our last program. If you’re trying to decide between the Basic and All In package, you will want to look at the call schedule to see if you will be able to attend.

Is this program suitable for ED Recovery?

This program can complement eating disorder recovery but should not be used as a substitute for initial ED treatment.

The way I see it is that ED treatment takes you from really struggling to somewhat stable, even if you still experience binge eating, dieting or health obsession, and body image thoughts.

Food Freedom for Life is designed to take you from functioning but still feeling trapped by food and your body insecurities, to thriving and grounded in yourself.

Can I do this program if I have a chronic disease?

Absolutely! I cannot provide specific nutrition recommendations for your disease because I am not your health care provider, however, I will teach you to integrate the things you need to do to manage your disease with food freedom so it doesn’t feel so difficult or restrictive.

Will this program fix my relationship with food?

This program is designed to free you from diet culture and food shame. As with anything in life, what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it. If you do the work and show up for the calls, your relationship with food will be transformed.

That being said, this is not a quick fix. You will not walk out of this program in 4 months with everything healed. But you will have the tools and safety within yourself to continue implementing them over time. It can take years to fully integrate this information and be free from diet culture completely, so this program is designed to get you out of the most uncomfortable part of the process with grace and ease. 

What's the difference between this and therapy?

Talk therapy is great! But it can also be a very drawn-out process, and many therapists are not HAES-aligned and do not have the training to help clients with compulsive food behaviors or body image issues. Food Freedom for Life is an accelerated course designed to move you through the process a lot faster and give you all the information you need in one place so you can continue your journey on your own with your support system or other providers.

What's the difference between Food Freedom for Life and Club TYB?

Club TYB is a low-cost membership group I created to give everyone access to some form of food freedom support. I pop into our Facebook group weekly to answer questions or provide support, otherwise, the bulk of support comes from my assistant or the other members working through their journeys. The Food Freedom for Life program is an intensive 4-month program that takes the majority of my focus. I dedicate so much time to be on live calls with the big group, smaller breakout calls, 1:1 calls as well as Voxer chat. TLDR – access to me!

If I join, do I have to attend all the calls live?

Nope! If you’d like to do the program at your own pace, there will always be recorded calls to watch. 

Do you take insurance?

No, I do not.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Payments can be broken up into monthly installments or paid in full before the program starts. See the payment options above.

Will this program help me lose weight?

This program does not focus on weight. Some people lose weight when they find food freedom, some people gain weight, and some people stay the same. We will never talk about numbers (caloric, weight, etc.). What we will talk about is the reason why you may still feel like you need to lose weight and how you can process those feelings.

Do you offer refunds?

You can get a full refund, no questions asked, up until the second call of the program. This gives you a chance to attend the first call and decide if this is a good fit or not. After that, no refunds are available.

If I can't do it now, can I join later this year?

This is the last time to join the program this year, and it’s the last time I will personally be teaching the program live. Future versions of the program will be pre-recorded and coached by colleagues in my organization. 

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