Can you help me with eating disorder recovery?

I am NOT a Certified Eating Disorder RD and do not feel comfortable providing care if you have a newly diagnosed eating disorder or are actively engaged in eating disorder behaviors. If you have an eating disorder and are looking for help, please visit the National Eating Disorders Association for referrals. 

Do you take insurance?

No I do not take insurance. If you are looking for a provider who does, please contact your insurance company directly for a referral.

Do you offer programs shorter than 6-months?

No, I only offer three types of coaching & support: one-on-one coaching, group coaching programs, and my membership support group. My next Food Freedom for Life group coaching program is currently closed and will open again for enrollment in early 2020. 1:1 coaching is always open by application and clarity call. To learn more about 1:1 coaching, visit whitneycatalano.com/book to apply for a clarity call. If you are looking for ongoing support with healing your relationship with food, Club TYB is also open for ongoing enrollment. Visit whitneycatalano.com/club-tyb to learn more. 

Will you give me a meal plan or tell me what to eat?

No! The first step in learning to eat intuitively is to explore your mindset and current eating style. We will talk about nutrition later in the program, but talking about it too soon may cause you to adopt new diet behaviors disguised as healthy eating. I know it seems scary because you don’t trust yourself around food right now, but I promise you that we will work through it together. You do not need me to tell you what to eat. I will teach you how to listen to your body’s natural instincts and empower you to make choices that are best for your body.

I have a medical diagnosis that affects what I eat (allergies, GI diseases, autoimmune, etc.). Can I learn to eat intuitively with disease-related food restrictions?

YES! That is my bread and butter, so to speak. Intuitive eating can be an incredibly empowering way to manage nutrition-related diagnoses because it is all about listening to YOUR body. You alone know what your body needs, and together we will explore that and figure out an eating style that works for you.

What if I decide I don’t want to continue the program? Do you offer refunds?

I only offer the possibility for a refund in the event of an emergency. If you have a medical or family emergency during our work together, we can discuss the situation and create a plan that feels right for you at the time. I do not offer refunds if you change your mind during our work together. 

Do program sessions expire?

Yes, sessions will expire after 9 months of the initial assessment date. 9 months gives us a little bit of wiggle room if your program extends over holidays or during vacations, in which case we can push sessions back or take more than 2 weeks in between some sessions. I have placed a 9-month expiration on sessions to make sure you get the most out of the coaching program.  Our work together will be most effective if we stick to the original schedule.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes, you can either pay upfront or pay a deposit and monthly installments. We will discuss the details of billing during the discovery call.

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