Finally face your finances

with this simple expense tracker that helped me stop avoiding my finances and save thousands of dollars a year

Just 10 months ago, I had $60K in consumer debt, I was actively avoiding my bank accounts, and aside from rent, I had NO idea what was coming in and out of my account every month.

I relied on credit cards to pay for everything.

Facing my money situation made me SO anxious that all I could do was pray that I would miraculously make a ton of money one month, pay all my debt, and never have to worry about it again.

LOL wouldn’t that be nice?

Deep down I knew that fixing my financial situation would require me to sit down and figure out exactly what I was spending so I could make massive changes to how I was living my life.

Finally, in December of 2021 after a LOT of grieving and realizing that nobody was coming to save me from my financial situation, I finally did it.

I printed out all of my bank and credit card statements from the entire year & I manually entered every single transaction into a spreadsheet, calculating exactly how much I had spent in 2021.

Seems extreme, I know, but this task alone made me feel a million times better because I was no longer anxiously avoiding my bank accounts.

And of course, I didn’t stop there…

This exercise made me realize how many SUBSCRIPTIONS and recurring expenses I had taken on in the past few years. My baseline expenses added up SO fast, it was no wonder I couldn’t keep up with my lifestyle on top of my recurring bills.

So I created a more simplified recurring expense tracker for my business and my personal life, and then went through and cancelled as many as I could.

This tracker single-handedly helped me jumpstart my financial healing and cut out $4,000/yr in monthly subs and $3,400/yr in yearly subscriptions (those charges really add up!).

Check out the screenshots from my tracker comparing 2021 to 2022.



In just 10 months, after fully committing to healing my relationship with money, I’ve gone completely cash-based, I consistently monitor my expenses, I am EXTREMELY regulated around money (meaning I no longer have an emotional reaction checking my accounts or paying bills), and I’m putting money into savings and investments every month.

And now I want to help you start tracking your recurring expenses and cutting the unnecessary things that are draining your account.

I’m giving you my personal expense tracker and financial goal-setting worksheet for only $9 so you can get on top of your expenses and feel confident you know precisely what you’re paying for every month.

I can tell you from personal experience…

The hardest part of facing your money anxiety is choosing to stay in the avoidance.

Once you start facing your finances & getting all the information in one place, you will feel calmer and more capable of managing your expenses and ultimately saving for your goals.


Realistically, you could make this yourself, so I’m not even going to watermark the images of the spreadsheet in case you do want to make it yourself! I’m not selling this to you because I think I have some proprietary method for tracking my expenses… I’m selling it to make YOUR life easier and remove as many barriers as possible so you can finally face your money anxiety. Plus, you get walk-through videos that will help ease the fear 🙂


An easy-to-use, customizable expense tracker in Google Sheets (even if you are technologically-challenged) that helps you track recurring monthly and yearly expenses based on category (works for both business & non-business owners)

A 30- or 60-day goal-setting template to help you set small, manageable financial goals that prioritize enjoying your life

✓ Two walk-through videos that will ease your anxieties around money & teach you how to customize this template for your money goals.




Why $9?

Because I want you to use it.

I can’t even tell you how many of these spreadsheets and resources I’ve downloaded over the years and never used.

I’ve downloaded free templates, bought paid templates on Etsy, bought whole-ass budgeting courses that I never watch, and I’ve even paid for more unnecessary subscriptions for apps that promised to do the same thing.

Nothing worked like manually entering all of my subscriptions into a simple expense tracker on Google Sheets. Seriously.

So I want you to actually use it, and my hope is that $9 is enough of an incentive without breaking the bank or deterring people who really need it.

Plus, I’ll be following up by email to make sure you’ve started 🙂 we love accountability!!

is it adhd friendly?

I’d like to think so!

I spent about a year tweaking and even redoing it because I kept overcomplicating it and obsessing about it being perfect.

The truth is — this is one of the biggest ways we subtly self-sabotage and avoid doing the thing we KNOW we need to do to change our situation.

So while it might not be perfect, it is SIMPLE and it will get you started. And most importantly, it’s created in a way that makes sense for my ADHD brain because so many spreadsheets I’ve tried from Etsy just didn’t make any damn sense to me.

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