How to Stop Binge Eating

While sitting around the house yesterday doing some work and putting away Oreos and chips from a hilarious Instagram photoshoot (follow me to see all the pics from it), I had a major ah-ha moment about my personal diet recovery. I've finally gotten to the point where...

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5 Ways to Reject Diet Culture & Love Your Body

If you follow me on Instagram, you've heard me mention diet culture and all the ways it steals our happiness. While I'm definitely going to talk more specifically about diet culture, I wanted to put together 5 ways to reject diet culture today so you can be ready for...

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Is Intuitive Eating Right For You?

You may be wondering… is intuitive eating right for you? The short answer is YES. Intuitive eating is for ALL bodies, regardless of gender, size, sexuality, ability, sexual orientation, age, etc.

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5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Is anyone else tired of seeing all the ridiculously complicated and/or expensive self-care advice online? Like honestly I do not have time for all the face masks and bubble baths some of these bloggers are doing daily, plus all this advice makes self-care seem like...

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How To Stop Emotional Eating at Night

A couple weeks ago, I received a question from someone on Instagram asking how to stop emotional eating at night. The question said... I've always struggled with eating and binging urges at nighttime because that's when I have the most anxiety and downtime. I was also...

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Dear Everyone, Stop Complimenting Thinness

Dear Everyone, please stop complimenting thinness, or even commenting on bodies for that matter. I say everyone because women and men are equally guilty of this and it has everything to do with diet culture. I definitely get more compliments from women...

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