Start Loving Yourself in 5 Steps

Welcome to episode 16! This week, I’m talking about the 5 ways to start loving yourself. Before that, I’m going to catch you up on my life talk a bit about my reflections on anxiety and separating yourself from your thought patterns. In this episode, I cover: What...

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Flying While Fat with J Aprileo (@ComfyFat)

On this week’s episode, I’m talking to J of Comfy Fat, a non-binary fat activist dedicated to sharing resources that make life a little bit easier for plus-sized folks. J focuses on talking about the intersections of fatness and gender, fat accessibility, and body...

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Debunking 5 Intuitive Eating Myths

On episode 14, I’m debunking 5 Intuitive Eating myths that I hear all the time. There’s a lot of confusion about what Intuitive Eating (IE) is, or even what food freedom is, so I’m here this week to answer some questions and clear up the misunderstandings once and for...

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Why BMI Is Bullsh*t with Margit I. Berman

Why BMI is Bullsh*t with Margit I. Berman In this week’s episode, we’re talking all about acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT) and why BMI is bullsh*t. In the appetizer, I’m going to explain a little more about what ACT is and why it’s so important for body...

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Overeating, Veganism, & Friends Who Diet [Q&A]

Overeating, Veganism & Friends Who Diet [Q&A] This week, we’re going to keep it short and sweet with a Q&A- I took 12 of your questions from Instagram and went in depth with the answers. So without further ado, let’s get into it! The questions I'll be...

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Why You Can’t Stop Eating

Why you can't stop eating This week’s episode is all about restriction, specifically in the context of binge eating and feeling out of control around food. If you’ve stopped restricting but can’t stop eating, this content is for you. Keep in mind that this isn’t an...

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