5 Weight Loss Tips Debunked

As you may have realized, I love asking you things on Instagram because I end up learning so much from you all. Last week on Instagram, I asked you all to tell me the weirdest weight loss tips and diet "hacks" you've ever heard and I was blown away by some of your...

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Can You Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating?

I get the question, "can you lose weight with intuitive eating?" a LOT, I think because of all the confusion around what Intuitive Eating really is. In order to answer this question, I am first going to quickly explain what it is, what it isn't, and how to spot a...

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Veganism & Diet Recovery: Can You Do Both?

Veganism and diet recovery... can you do both? I get this question a lot from clients and people on Instagram who have adopted a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and are nervous about starting diet recovery. I also get this question from vegans online who get mad at me...

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“I Feel Fat” – Why Fat Is Not A Feeling

Have you ever looked in the mirror, anxious, disgusted, and ashamed, and thought to yourself, "ugh I feel fat"? If you have, you're definitely not alone. I would bet that even people who don't struggle with dieting, binge eating, and body image have probably thought...

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How to Stop Binge Eating

While sitting around the house yesterday doing some work and putting away Oreos and chips from a hilarious Instagram photoshoot (follow me to see all the pics from it), I had a major ah-ha moment about my personal diet recovery. I've finally gotten to the point where...

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