Finally face your money anxiety head-on, learn to budget for the life you want to live, and feel more confident with money in 5 days or less

This is the course I wish I had in December of 2021 when I was in over $60K of debt and completely frozen around my finances.

And it some ways, it is…

But first, let me tell you about my story with money.

Before I got in over my head with debt, I spent years running my business without really knowing how much money was coming in and out.

Whenever I signed a lot of clients, I looked at my income, celebrated the success, and immediately started spending — both on personal desires as well as business investments.

And then whenever I didn’t sign new clients, I avoided checking my bank accounts like the plague, except to confirm that I had enough cash to pay rent and pay my credit card minimums.

And round and round I went through the feast and famine cycle, constantly telling myself I was “bad with money” and buying every money mindset book, budgeting template, & manifestation course I could find that might help me fix the problem.

I even hired a CFO to manage the finances of my business for me, but I would spend faster than she could make recommendations, and I would take our meetings from my bed because I was so anxious and shut down around money.

It wasn’t until 2021 when it really started to catch up to me.

Anyone who has been in debt knows — it’s all-consuming.

The shame completely takes over your brain, making you terrified of what people will think if they find out.

But even though you’re so embarrassed… once you start accumulating debt, it’s hard to stop.

I would tell myself: “I still have to live, right? I’ll figure this out eventually!”

So I put another little charge on the credit card, and then another, and then another…

And then one day I looked up and my credit cards were maxed out, I was being charged thousands of dollars in interest, all my cash was going towards rent and minimum payments, and I felt like there was no way out.

I kept working on my business and praying for a miracle… hoping that one day I would just hit it big and be able to pay off $60K without having to face my finances and take the time to learn about my spending habits.

But deep down I knew that I couldn’t sustain this feast/famine cycle any longer. I was too burnt out.

In order to have the kind of success I really wanted, I would have to learn this lesson the hard way and do the one thing I was avoiding… face my finances.

Pretty quickly, I realized I had a few major problems…

And it wasn’t that I was “bad with money” or a bad person/irresponsible for getting into debt.

My nervous system was completely shut down around money because of the shame and judgments I had about my situation.

No matter how many people told me “you just have to sit down and figure out exactly what you’re spending, and learn how to budget”… I couldn’t do it.

It was like my body was physically stopping me from doing the one thing I knew would help.

Plus, I was keeping it a secret from everyone in my life because I was terrified of being judged and criticized.

I had no idea where all my money was going.

I knew the basics — rent, utilities, coaching payments, cc minimums, and a few monthly business expenses.

And I knew what I owed the various contractors I hired, but I scrambled to get them the money in time and even lost money on a program I ran because I didn’t plan ahead.

Other than that, I had no clue how much I was really spending on my lifestyle or business and was too scared to find out that I was living well beyond my means.

I didn’t know how to budget for inconsistent income.

Not only was my business not set up to make consistent income (because I was too busy chasing the high months to slow down & restructure)…

But I was also spending my money more quickly than I was making it. 

I didn’t understand how to save multiple months of expenses (because I didn’t know how much I would even need)…

And I definitely didn’t know yet that an extra $1,000 of income doesn’t mean I have an extra $1,000 to spend.

My dysregulated nervous system & ADHD were completely in control of my spending.

Because of my financial stress, I made most of my decisions from fear and anxiety. Plus, with ADHD, I already struggle with impulse control.

I ordered Postmates a lot because I was too mentally exhausted to cook.

I used compulsive shopping as a coping mechanism, even though I didn’t have the money to spend.

I threw money I didn’t have at coaches & courses that I hoped would 10x my income.

And I could only think about short-term solutions, like taking out even more debt & loans whenever I was strapped for cash.

You might not relate to my specific circumstances, but you can probably relate to feeling overwhelmed by expenses and frozen at the thought of learning how to budget and manage your money

Which is exactly why I created this mini-course.

In December 2021, I got to the point where I couldn’t run from my money problems any longer.

Nobody was coming to save the day, none of my fear-driven business decisions made me enough money to crawl out of this hole, and I literally couldn’t take on any more debt.

So I finally did what people had been telling me to do all year:

I admitted that I had a problem, and I sat down to face my finances.

First, I committed to regulating my nervous system and learning how to get myself out of fight or flight so that I could make grounded, long-term decisions for myself.

Next, I printed out all of my bank and credit card statements from the entire year & I manually entered every single transaction into a spreadsheet, calculating exactly how much I had spent on each category that year.

This task alone made me feel a million times better because I was no longer anxiously avoiding my bank accounts. It also became abundantly clear where all my money was going, which helped me heal the subconscious patterns that were keeping me stuck in financial chaos.

 Finally, I learned how to budget and created a series of templates to help me track my finances and budget effectively, even during inconsistent months.

And now I’ve made a 5-day course to walk you through the exact steps I took to regulate my nervous system, face my finances, and start reprogramming my beliefs about money so that you don’t have to do this alone.

If you relate to one (or all) of these, this 5-Day Challenge may be perfect for you:

✓ You have a lot of anxiety about money, to the point where it feels physically hard to look at your bank accounts or even start making a budget

✓ You don’t like the idea of budgeting because it sounds too restrictive 

✓ You struggle with impulsive spending and can’t figure out why it feels so hard to stop

✓ You worry about having enough money to pay your bills, no matter how much money you make

✓ You want to feel more confident and secure with money so you have the freedom to enjoy your life without financial stress getting in the way

✓ You want to be more intentional with saving for your future without sacrificing the things that bring you joy in life

✓ You want to work through mindset blocks around money and receiving

✓ You want to stop avoiding it & get a handle on your finances, but you don’t know where to start & don’t want to go through this process alone

I don’t want anyone to be able to relate to these things, but I also know that it’s inevitable.

So trust me when I say:

It’s not your fault that you feel so stuck around money.

Nobody teaches us how to do all of this, and in fact, there are a lot of people who benefit from a workforce that is in constant fight/flight and feel like they don’t know how to manage their finances. 

And unfortunately, most budgeting courses and books will tell you exactly what to do, but they don’t address the fact that your nervous system is physically blocking you from doing it. This is why the nervous system module on Day 1 of 5 Days to Face Your Finances is so freaking important.

Your relationship with money is not a personal failing, it’s a societal problem.

And you are not irresponsible or bad with money. You’re just in the early stages of learning. And that’s a beautiful place to be.

5 Days to Face Your Finances is exactly what it sounds like… a 5-day mini-course that holds your hand through the overwhelm of facing your finances and learning to budget for the life you want.

And because I can already hear the questions in my DM’s…

Yes, this process can be used for both business owners and non-business owners.
I teach everything from the lens of a fixed income, and then I included additional modules for people who are self-employed and have inconsistent income.

Day 1:

✓ Discover why nervous system dysregulation is causing you to shut down around money

✓ Learn about the feast/famine cycle and how to start practicing money neutrality


✓ Create a personalized plan for regulating your nervous system quickly and consistently, even if you’re busy or struggle to stick to new habits

Day 2:

✓ Do a full inventory of your fixed expenses from the past 12 months

✓ Calculate exactly how much your baseline expenses cost each month so you can plan for the future


✓ Monthly Spending Inventory for Google Docs or Google Sheets

Day 3:

✓ Repeat the 12-month inventory process for your variable expenses, using the categories in the Monthly Spending Inventory to find out exactly where your money is going

✓ Look for patterns in your spending habits so that you can be intentional with unnecessary spending going forward

Day 4:

✓ Get cut-throat with your expenses by getting rid of unnecessary subscriptions and reducing costs wherever you can (if needed)

✓ Fixed Income: Learn a simple approach to budgeting that will cover your living expenses, while still setting money aside for fun purchases and long-term savings/investments

✓ Automate your budget so you don’t have to think about it every month

✓ Self-Employed: Calculate the percentages of your net income that you should pay yourself, put in savings, reinvest into the business, and save for taxes based on your personal expense needs & business goals

✓ Learn how to plan for inconsistent income months so you never feel like you’re scrambling to pay your bills


✓ Fixed Income Budget Calculator

✓ Self-Employed Budget & Tax Savings Calculator

Day 5:

✓ Learn how to set clear and specific goals for your money that will enable you to live the life you actually want

✓ Get my exact coaching processes for identifying limiting money beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious so you can start healing your relationship with money


✓ Questioning Your Money Beliefs worksheet

✓ Money Goal Inquiry (an add-on to the goal-setting worksheet included in my Recurring Expense Tracker)


This entire program is only $47 because I want this to be accessible to anyone feeling overwhelmed and anxious around money


✓ Free access to my membership portal where you can ask me questions and chat with other people who are going through the program


Check out the success some clients have had within a couple days of joining:


Can I use this course if I have a 9-to-5 (aka a fixed income)?

Yes! I created resources for people with a fixed income, as well as for people with an inconsistent income. This course is about holding your hand through the overwhelm of getting on top of your finances and creating a simple budget, so it’s created for anyone who is struggling with money anxiety.

What about if I'm self-employed

Also yes! Since I am also self-employed, I created additional modules and templates to help you budget for inconsistent income, save for taxes, and plan to increase your income based on your lifestyle goals. 

Is this course ADHD-friendly?

I’d like to think so!

I broke this down into a 5-day challenge because I wanted to make this process as simple as possible for you to complete.

Within each day, I broke down all of the information into short, 5-10 minute videos so you can take it one step at a time without getting overwhelmed.

AND I provided as many templates and resources as I could so that you literally have no reason not to start facing your finances.

Will this course help me pay off my debt?

Yes and no.

The first step to paying off debt is knowing how much money you need every month to cover your basic expenses.

Then you need to understand how you got into debt, what spending habits you can change in order to turn your situation around, and how much money you even have to start paying down your debt.

This course will help you with all of this.

In terms of paying down your debt over time or exploring bankruptcy as an option or working with the banks to reconsolidate your debt, I’ve included a few resources and contact information for people who can help, but ultimately how you handle your debt from here is up to you.

My job is to get you to a place where you’re no longer overwhelmed by money or avoiding dealing with it so that making a decision to pay down your debt is significantly easier than it feels right now.

Can I use this course if I don't have debt?

Of course! The point of this course is to hold your hand through the overwhelm and to get clear on exactly what’s going on with your finances. Everyone’s situation is bound to be different.

Will you teach us how to invest?

No! Again, this is just a $27 5-day challenge. My intention was to keep it as simple as possible. 

I briefly cover how to budget for savings / investments after your expenses, but after that, learning how to invest can be your next journey!

Do I have to do it in 5 consecutive days?

Of course not! Something I make abundantly clear when you start the course is that you can take as long as you need, just make the commitment that you WILL eventually finish it. 

Life is busy, so I broke the steps into 5 days to make it more manageable. When you do those 5 days is completely up to you.

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